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WhatsApp Flows – Create rich user experiences within the app

WhatsApp Flows

WhatsApp Flows stands as a powerful communication platform that redefines the interaction between companies and their customers through the most popular messaging application in the world. At its core, WhatsApp Flows is a set of tools and features designed to make it easy to create, deploy, and manage automated message flows within the WhatsApp Business platform.

Fundamental operation:

At its most basic, WhatsApp Flows allows businesses to design predefined and scheduled message sequences, offering automatic and personalized responses to users based on their interactions. This means that companies can establish conversation flows adapted to their specific needs, from capturing leads to resolving frequently asked questions.

Intuitive creation process:

The flexibility of WhatsApp Flows lies in its intuitive creation process. Through the WhatsApp Flows Builder, companies can design message flows visually and simply, without the need for advanced programming knowledge. This simplified approach democratizes access to automation capabilities, allowing even those without technical experience to get the most out of this powerful tool.

Integration with message templates:

WhatsApp Flows also integrates seamlessly with message templates, offering a variety of pre-defined options that make creating flows even simpler. From welcome messages to targeted autoresponders, these templates make initial setup easy and allow businesses to quickly adapt their communication strategies based on their goals and needs.

Personalized experiences:

The most notable thing about WhatsApp Flows is its ability to provide personalized experiences to users. By leveraging generic shape-based components, businesses can tailor their messages based on context and user preferences, creating more relevant and meaningful interactions.

How are WhatsApp Flows configured and used?

Flows are linked from a CTA in a message. Flows are composed of:

  1. Screens: When tapping on the Flows CTA in a message, the user will access the initial screen of the Flow. The user can then interact with the Flow to move through multiple screens until completion.
  2. Layouts: These define how components are presented within a Flow, providing a structured look and feel.
  3. Components: You can use components to display information, and to create input fields for your users. You can display information with Text, Images, and Embedded links. You can create input fields for your users to complete using Text Inputs, Dropdowns, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Opt-in, and Date Pickers.

Flows can be attached and sent as Business Initiated Messages, as well as standard messages.

Leveraging Flows

Flows is built for form-based use cases. You can create Flows to achieve a range of tasks with your customers, including:

  • Lead generation
  • Appointment booking
  • Registration, Sign up, and Sign in
  • Customer support and feedback
  • And many more

We will continue to expand Flows capabilities to unlock additional use cases in the future. WhatsApp Business Platform

In summary, WhatsApp Flows operates as a comprehensive system that simplifies and enhances communication between companies and users on the WhatsApp Business platform. From its flexible creation process to integration with message templates, this tool offers an innovative approach to optimize digital interaction and take business communication to new levels of efficiency and personalization.

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